Aire Technics Air Conditioning Repair Service and Installation
Envronmental Specialist
Full Facility Maintenance performed by Aire Technics
  • >> Commercial clients appreciate Aire Technics Full Facility Maintenance service. Rather than working with multiple companies for different facilities maintenance issues, Aire Technics brings them all under one umbrella. This helps our commercial clients save time and money by having one go-to organization for all core facility maintenance needs.
  • >> Our Facility Services include (but not limited to):
  • HVAC Systems
    Lawn Maintenance
    Roof Repair
    Floor Repair

  • >> Regional Coverage
  • Our full Facility Maintenance service is ideal for large and medium size business that have multiple locations throughout Texas. Imagine one company that manages all of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lawn, fence, roof and flooring needs from Beaumont to Brownsville. Aire Technics has been providing this service for companies like Verizon, AT&T and IHOP for years.

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